An orthodontist is a specialized dentist who deals with particular types of dental complications. Unlike your regular dentist who generally deals with any dental complication to ensure your oral health remains at its optimum, an orthodontist specializes in certain treatments in the dental fields. These are issues of straightening of your teeth. We can say that all orthodontists are dentists, but not all dentists are orthodontists.

Sometimes your dentist will assess your dental condition and refer you to an orthodontist for specialized care and treatment. Cosmetic Dental of Westwood is an established and board certified, and we get patients referred from all over, looking for quality orthodontist Westwood experience.

The orthodontist diagnoses cases of overbites, misalignments, and overcrowded mouths. After diagnosis, our orthodontist will get into treating the conditions they discover.

What an Orthodontist does?

Our orthodontist has received special training on handling misaligned teeth. The most common treatment option they offer are braces which help put your teeth in line and shape. Braces can help solve issues of gaps between teeth, which when left untreated will grow larger over time thus affecting both your appearance as well as teeth functionality. The orthodontist, therefore, takes up a measure to try and pull the teeth together and solve the issue.

Crowded teeth have adverse effects for your mouth, especially in small kids whose dental formula is still developing. Braces are highly effective in the treatment of alignment problems. The braces encircle the teeth, and with time they pull the teeth together to solve the complications. In cases where braces will not work, an orthodontist could also use aligners instead. The aligners we have at our practice, which are also the most common on the market are Invisalign.

The Invisalign aligners are invisible, and they are not easily noticeable. This makes it possible for you to continue with your normal activities as you undergo the treatment that gradually restores proper alignment of your teeth. Besides these two appliances that we offer in our orthodontist Westwood treatments, you could also get a palate expander, though this method is mostly reserved for the very severe cases.

The palate expanders are meant to widen the arch of the jaw, thus providing more space to solve crowded mouths. For patients with cases of overbites, mouth guards are another course of treatment. The mouth guard connects to the back of the head and pulls the front teeth backward as well as reducing fast growth of the upper jaw.

Scheduling Appointments

Once you are referred to our orthodontist clinic, you will first undergo a dental examination to assess the nature of your condition and come up with the most suitable form of treatment for you. For braces treatments, you should expect a couple of visits to our orthodontist.

Treatments with braces take about 2 years to fully restore your teeth to perfect alignment, and the many visits are meant to ensure the treatment is working efficiently. Whatever issue you may be having with your teeth, seek the opinion of a dentist, and if you are referred to an orthodontist, you can be sure to be in the right hands when you visit us.

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