Misaligned teeth can be very discouraging since they can tarnish the look of your smile. Today, getting your teeth straightened is much easier due to the availability of improved dental treatment. One of the most usually used treatments for crooked or misaligned teeth is Invisalign Westwood. Invisalign is a type of corrective treatment that works similarly to braces and aligners. They are made up of a hard plastic that is designed to guide the teeth into their preferred position. Unlike braces and aligners, Invisalign is made of clear plastic that covers the whole tooth and can be impossible to tell if someone has Invisalign on. For the best Invisalign treatment in the city, you can visit the Cosmetic dental of Westwood. They offer a wide array of dental treatments including Invisalign fixing and other alternative treatments for crooked teeth.

The procedure for getting Invisalign fixed

Most people are not very familiar with Invisalign treatment since it is a contemporary form of dental treatment. Nonetheless, Invisalign treatment is more convenient and effective as compared to alternative methods of treatment. Invisalign usually takes very long to design and create thus making the dentist sessions go for longer.


In this stage, the dentist and the dental patient engage and discuss the expected outcome of treatment. The patient gives their expectations and the dentist notes down all the essential details. After this, the dentist uses a digital scan to take a digital image of the patient’s dental structure which will be used in designing the Invisalign Westwood. The digital image is recorded in 3D and is used in designing a treatment plan.


After designing the expected outcome of the treatment, the dentist shows it to the patient for them to assess whether it is as expected. If the patient has any additions, the dentist can incorporate it in the design to make the treatment as customer-specific as possible. After the patient accepts the final image, the dentist sends this copy to the lab for the Invisalign set to be created. It may take some weeks before the Invisalign is created. In the meantime, your dentist can offer a temporary treatment to slowly correct teeth alignment. For the best teeth alignment services in the city, you can consult Cosmetic dental of Westwood.

Enjoy your new Invisalign

After the final design is made, the dentist will call you in to test the Invisalign. Invisalign is designed to guide teeth to their expected location. This means it can be a bit tight when wearing it for the first time. However, if you feel that it is too painful to wear for a long time, you should tell the dentist to have it loosened or slightly enlarged.  Cosmetic dentists recommend that you should wear Invisalign for a large part of the day for the treatment to be most effective. This means you should wear them when sleeping and eating. Unlike braces or aligners which can hurt you if you sleep with them, Invisalign is very gentle on the gum and since they do not have any metal, is unlikely to hurt you.

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