The temporomandibular joint is a crucial joint that allows for movement of the jaw. Once this joint is damaged or infected, it may cause a lot of pain and discomfort while also making it difficult to open the jaws fully. A large number of people have TMJ disorder but do not realize it since it may be having just some slight symptoms. Once you realize that you have an injured or damaged TMJ Los Angeles, it is always best to visit a dentist immediately. Once you visit a dentist, they will recommend the best solution for your TMJ disorder. One of the best dental clinics when it comes to orthodontic treatment is Cosmetic Dental of Westwood. They offer top-notch dental services while also assuring quick and easy dental solutions. Visit them today and enjoy some of the best dental services.

Causes of a temporomandibular disorder

A TMJ disorder can be caused by various issues some of which cannot be controlled by the individual. Nonetheless, you should get immediate treatment for your TMJ Los Angeles in order to avoid further dental issues.

Dental injuries

People who engage in sports can easily contract dental TMJ disorder. This is because the TMJ is a fragile joint which can easily get injured if not well protected. Simple events like falling or getting hit in the jaw by an object can also affect the functioning of the TMJ making you require immediate treatment. In such a case, the dentist may apply dental surgery to repair the joint and make it easier to heal.


Arthritis is a physical illness that affects the bones and normally occurs at a late age in life. This physical condition has various types that affect different parts of the body. In some cases, the temporomandibular joint may be affected by certain forms of arthritis. In such a case, the dentist will have to integrate TMJ treatment with medication for reducing the effects of arthritis. The best solution for this type of TMJ Los Angeles disorder is proper care of your teeth and regular dental care. Visit Cosmetic Dental of Westwood for some of the best dental services in the city.

Grinding of teeth

Most people have a repetitive habit of grinding their teeth. Teeth grinding is a very bad oral practice since it places a lot of pressure on the teeth. For some people, they continue to grind their teeth at night making it even more dangerous to bite yourself or eventually get a TMJ disorder. Pressure placed on the teeth weighs in on the TMJ making it slowly inefficient or making it damaged completely. The best solution for this type of dental issue is the use of a dental appliance. Some dental appliances can be recommended to aid in the moderate movement of the jaw making it difficult to grind your teeth often. Such devices can as well be used during sleep making them quite efficient. For the best orthodontic dental services, you can consult the Cosmetic Dental of Westwood.

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