TMJ is a common dental issue in most dental cases. A TMJ is also known as a temporomandibular joint disorder that is characterized by a sharp pain at the joint of the jaw. The main issue with this condition is that most people do not know that TMJ is a dental condition. They then end up visiting a doctor for treatment instead of a dental professional. Like any other type of facial injury, an oral surgeon orthodontist can take care of the condition and provide pain relief if necessary. At Cosmetic Dental of Westwood, you can get some of the best TMJ Los Angeles treatment. Depending on the extent of your dental issue, the dentist will determine whether to apply critical surgical treatment.

Treatment for TMJ disorder

A TMJ disorder can be caused by various things including a facial injury, some forms of arthritis or even excessive grinding of the teeth. Depending on the cause of the disorder, the dentist will choose the most suitable form of treatment for the presented issue.

Muscle relaxants

While TMJ treatment requires prompt surgical treatment, pain relief is also a key factor in treatment. A TMJ Los Angeles usually causes a lot of pain to the victim and may sometimes hinder them from doing other activities. A dentist can recommend muscle relaxants to help reduce pain as you sleep and engage in other activities. If muscle relaxants are not suitable for the situation, the dentist can opt for tricyclic antidepressants or over the counter pain relievers.

Oral splints

People who have a minor case of TMJ can benefit greatly from oral splints. An oral splint is a sort of mouth guard that is placed over the teeth to help reduce pain when chewing and biting. The splints ease the pressure on the temporomandibular joint making it less painful and also helping restore the position and functionality of the TMJ. An oral splint is not the best treatment but is recommended for simple cases of TMJ.

Physical therapy

Cosmetic Dental of Westwood offers physical therapy exercises for people with TMJ disorder. These physical therapy exercises include stretching and strengthening the jaws along the use of special dental equipment to improve jaw functioning. A person with TMJ Los Angeles may feel like their jaw is restricted from moving. This physical therapy will help open the jaw and reduce pain associated with jaw movement.

Educative treatment

Education based treatment is a method that has begun showing great results in dental treatment. By informing people of the behaviors and activities that they engage in that are detrimental to their dental health, these people can learn to maintain healthier habits and also reduce unhealthy habits. Educative treatment is largely used in holistic dental treatment where the dentist engages all aspects of the patient’s life in treatment.


This is an orthodontic procedure that involves removing an abscess from the TMJ in order to restore functioning. The orthodontist usually uses small needles on the joint to remove any collected fluid in the joint. Depending on the cause of the TMJ, the dentist can use other orthodontic procedures like arthroscopy, modified condylotomy or open joint surgery.

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