Teeth whitening is a dental cosmetic process that involves cleaning teeth until they reach their original shade. Today, teeth whitening can be done in various different ways.  Depending on the state of your teeth, the dentist may choose to recommend home remedies or perform the dental whitening procedures in the dental clinic. For most people, teeth whitening is ideal as compared to other tooth enhancement procedures. The best thing about teeth whitening Westwood is that you won’t have to lose your tooth in order to get a whiter and stronger one.

Different types of teeth whitening

Tooth whitening is done either at home or in-office. At Cosmetic Dental of Westwood, you can get different types of teeth whitening techniques with each having their benefits and detriments. All in all, the most effective type of teeth whitening is in-office whitening.

In-office whitening

In office teeth whitening offers a very fast way of whitening teeth. During the treatment, the dentist first applies the whitening solution on the teeth. After this, the dentist may apply some protective gel on your gums to prevent them from being affected by the whitening cream. The dentist then uses a strong light and directs it onto the whitening paste on the tooth’s enamel. After about 20-30 minutes, the light is removed, and the whitened teeth can already be visible. For the best results, the dentist will have to redo the procedure until the desired shade is found. Since this procedure shows the best results in teeth whiteningWestwood, it is similarly the most expensive form of treatment.

Whitening rinses

Whitening rinses are used to remove plaque from the enamel and also freshen your breath. A whitening rinse contains hydrogen peroxide which is a common tooth whitening solution. Whitening rinses do not involve any difficult procedures. All you have on the way to do is swish the rinse inside your mouth for at least 60 seconds both in the morning and before sleeping. Results may take about 12 weeks before they can fully show. Although this rinse is simple to use, it is always best to get a dentists prescription before using these whitening tools in order to avoid any risk to your dental health. Visit Cosmetic Dental of Westwood today and get proper guidelines on how to use whitening rinses to whiten your teeth.

Whitening strips

In teeth whitening Westwood, whitening strips are the next best thing after in-office whitening. The strips are very thin and soaked in a whitening solution. The peroxide-based strips are placed on the teeth for at least 30 minutes or according to the dentist’s instructions. The strips show results in a very short time, and within 4 months, all your teeth will be well whitened.

Whitening Gels

A whitening gel is a dental tool that is used to whiten teeth both in the dental office and at home. The gel is useful to the teeth with a small brush. Since the gel is made from peroxide solution, it works by removing stains on the tooth enamel and improving the look of the teeth.

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