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Cosmetic dental of Westwood offers the best braces Westwood installation procedures. Braces are devices used by orthodontics to align and straighten teeth so as to place a person’s bite correctly. Braces also help in fixing gaps which sometimes occur between teeth and possibly affect your appearance. Braces are used to correct underbites as well as malocclusions, overbites, open bites and other various flaws of the teeth and the jaw.

Types of Braces

The type of braces we have available at cosmetic dental of Westwood include metal braces, which are the most common. They are also the most effective braces when compared to other kinds of braces. Dental braces consist of a metal bracket, with a bendable wire that is threaded onto it. Basically, braces work by applying pressure onto the teeth and eventually causing them to move. Another one is our ceramic braces. Ceramic braces are made of ceramic material that is designed to match the color texture of the patient’s teeth. Ceramic braces are less notable than metal braces.

This works for the interest of the patient as there is no unnatural look and feels, as is the case with metallic braces. Finally, we have the lingual braces. These exactly resemble the metal braces, the only difference being that they are located inside the bite. They are far less intrusive and less notable while compared with the metal brackets and wires. When you visit our establishment looking for braces, our resident dentist will take you through all the available option, and depending on your budgetary option, they will recommend the most suitable braces for you. We also have braces for kids so you can bring your young ones along with you and let’s set their teeth’s found early enough.


A couple of processes are conducted for the braces placement procedure. First, an orthodontist will be required to clean your teeth then a cheek retractor is placed to make sure the teeth remain dry and visible throughout the procedure. Dental cement is then used to hold the brackets at the exact same position of the teeth that was determined by the doctor’s examination.

The bonding of the brackets to the teeth is strengthened with a high-intensity light. The cheek retractor can then be removed after dental arch wires are put in place. The process only takes a very short period of about twenty minutes. Follow up procedures need to be performed so as to ensure repositioning of the teeth occurs as is required.

Removal of Braces

After the teeth have repositioned and aligned, it’s time to remove the braces. This is a simple and painless procedure. The bonds between the brackets and the teeth by the dental cement are gently broken by applying pressure at the base of the brackets. This reduces the adhesive bonds on the braces. The remaining dental cement can be consequently removed using a dental handpiece.


We offer the best braces Westwood procedures. Visit us today and get back your teeth and smile back on track.


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