Sleep Apnea Westwood 

If you suffer sleep apnea, then it is the right time to visit the Sleep Apnea Westwood specialist.

If you do not like to put on the CPAP mask, there are different alternative treatment options that you may try out.  You have to be aware that sleep apnea is considered as a severe sleep disorder which requires the professional medical attention if you have been diagnosed that you suffers from it.

The CPAP theory is among the most typical treatment method which the technologist with the sleep physicians does recommend for the people who had been diagnosed that they suffer sleep apnea.  However, some people are not willing to undergo the CPAP therapy at once.

Using a dental or oral appliance

Most patients of sleep apnea prefer to go for an oral or dental appliance.  Some benefits and disadvantages come with this method, but you have to keep this in mind. The patients who like to put on the oral device and not a CPAP mask, they say that they are comfortable with the choice they have made.

An oral device will help to prevent the airways against collapsing, and it holds a tongue in the place.  It may also slide the patient jaw in a forward position and he will be able to breathe when he is asleep.

The sleep technologist may titrate the oral appliance which is fitted by the dental professional who is trained in sleep medicine.

The oral appliance is suitable for the patient who suffer moderate and mild sleep apnea and who may not tolerate CPAP.

Surgery to deal with sleep apnea

This is the commonest method to use if you want to eliminate or to reduce the extra tissue found in the throat which collapses and it blocks the airways when you go to sleep. You have to keep in mind that even if some surgery may not be that invasive, other surgery can turn to be complicated. However, undergoing the surgery in treating sleep apnea, it will work on adenoids and tonsils, on uvula or soft palate, lower or upper jaw and tongue.

If you want to try out the surgery, then you should ask your Sleep Apnea Westwood specialist, the success rate for the operation, how the surgery will improve your problem and why it is better in your case. You should also be aware of all the side effects and other possible risks.

The surgery will not always be the right option for each person, but some may benefit better by getting the surgery compared to other treatments.

Undergoing the weight management program

In certain cases, the weight loss will improve with the symptoms of sleep apnea or it may eliminate all of them. Overweight people may have thicker necks with the extra tissue on the throat, and this may cause sleep apnea.

This is good for the people who are healthy to engage in the weight management program. However, there is no guarantee if losing the weight, may improve with the sleep apnea.

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