Benefits of visiting an oral surgeon

Oral surgery has evolved greatly over the past years. Today, there are various advancements in technology that have made dental surgery more efficient and faster. 

One of the best places you can get dental surgery within the city is Cosmetic Dental of Westwood.

Cosmetic Dental of Westwood has a number of oral surgeons who can deal with any of your dental needs. 

You can rely on them for top-notch dental surgery for both adults and children.

Visiting an oral surgeon Westwood can guarantee you better dental health and also a chance to improve your general appearance.

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Cosmetic services

An oral surgeon Westwood can provide various cosmetic procedures to improve your general dental structure. Most cosmetic procedures involve dental surgery since they have to do with reconstructing facial features.

Some of the basic cosmetic services you can get include gum graft surgery.

  • Gum graft surgery

A gum graft surgery involves removing a piece of gum or mouth tissue and placing it on areas where the gum has receded. A gum graft surgery is intended to restore the look of your smile before the gum recession. This procedure usually takes only a single day after which you can enjoy your new gums. However, recovery of gum graft surgery may take a while during which you should prevent any damage from occurring on the site of surgery. If you experience any bleeding or soreness, you can contact your dentist to get pain relievers.

  • Jaw realignment

Poor jaw alignment can cause a lot of problems from biting issues to injuries to the mouth. What’s more, it may greatly affect the look of your smile by either jaw protruding forward. You can visit an oral surgeon Westwood for jaw realignment surgery. The oral surgeon may opt to use dental appliances if oral surgery is not suitable for you.

Facial reconstruction

An oral surgeon Westwood can also offer facial reconstructive services which improve general appearance and also reduce the chances of getting dental issues. One of the most common facilities you can get include cleft repair. Cleft palate and lip are not very usual phenomena. 

However, they tend to interfere with one’s general appearance. 

An oral surgeon can easily repair a cleft in just a single day. For the best facial reconstruction services, you can visit the Cosmetic Dental of Westwood.

Root canal therapy

A root canal is one of the most ordinary dental surgery procedures that dental clients seek. While most people think that this procedure is painful, it is quite the contrary. Before any surgical procedure, the oral surgeon must apply some local anesthesia to induce unconsciousness during treatment. What may be uncomfortable is the soreness one feels after the procedure. 

Root canal therapy is normally done to save a tooth from becoming completely useless. Once tooth decay spreads to the root of the tooth, it affects the pulp which nourishes the tooth. 

This makes the tooth begin to rot. Root canal therapy can improve tooth functionality and eliminate any pain on the tooth. Contact Cosmetic Dental of Westwood today and enjoy top-notch dental surgery.

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