Dental Restorations

Maintaining good dental health is important in preventing dental illnesses that are quite common. Most people who go for dental treatment usually have a dental infection that relates to poor dental hygiene. While it is recommended that you brush and floss your teeth regularly, this may not be the only way to maintain dental health.

Regular visits to the dentist can help improve your dental health and in turn avoid any dental infections and illnesses. In the event of dental infection, dental restorations Westwood can be done to restore the state of your teeth and gums.

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Replacing missing teeth

Missing teeth tend to affect one’s general smile. Aside from this, a missing tooth can as well cause other orthodontic issues that may become quite difficult to treat.

One of them includes tooth misalignment. Once a single tooth is removed, the adjacent teeth may begin shifting their position to fill the gap thus changing their general alignment and symmetry with upper or lower teeth.

In such a case, one may develop biting conditions that may interfere with tooth function.

Dental restorations Westwood can be used in filling gaps left by missing teeth thus preventing shifting of teeth.

Preventing the spread of tooth decay

Tooth decay is a notorious dental condition that can cause teeth to become dysfunctional.

For most people, they do not realize that they have tooth decay until it is too late and the decay has spread to adjacent teeth.

Dental restorations Westwood can be used in preventing the spread of tooth decay. After visiting the dentist for tooth decay treatment, he flushes out all the bacteria and foreign material in order to leave the tooth free of decay.

After that, the dentist will use dental restoration to cover the tooth and conceal any holes or crevices that the decay can access again. In this way, tooth decay can longer affect the treated tooth.


Protecting weak teeth

Dental restorations can help reinforce weak and sensitive teeth. For some people, their teeth may be weak or sensitive due to an eroded enamel.

This may cause drinking hot or cold substances to be a bother since it may cause a lot of pain. Visiting a dentist for dental restoration can help reduce this issue and make your teeth stronger against external factors.

A dental restoration can be placed over the tooth to increase its strength and also ensure that the tooth is no longer affected by harsh conditions.

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Filling gaps between teeth

Gaps between your teeth can affect your smile. Through dental restoration, you can forget about these gaps since the dentist can bridge them using a special dental paste.

All the dentist will have to do is prepare a small amount of dental paste and place it on the gap.

After the paste hardens, the dentist will then shade the paste to match the color of adjacent teeth.

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