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Dental braces are a widespread form of orthodontic treatment. Most of the dental patients who visit the dentist for braces are usually teenagers and children.

While braces change the look of your teeth immensely, they improve tooth alignment which prevents other dental complications from developing.

Getting braces Westwood for yourself or child can be very ideal in improving dental health and structure. For the best dental center for braces and other orthodontic procedures, visit Cosmetic Dental of Westwood.

They have various orthodontists who can cater to any of your dental needs. Before visiting the dentist for braces, you should know what to expect at the dental clinic.

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What to expect before getting braces?

For quality and effective braces, it is always best to visit an orthodontist and not a regular dentist. Before the treatment can start, the orthodontist will schedule a dental session for preparation.

Dental preparation

During preparation, the orthodontist intends to find out the most suitable solution for your dental deficiency.

Sometimes, the orthodontist may recommend an alternative treatment instead of braces Westwood that is more efficient.

The orthodontist will need to take an impression of your teeth in order to model braces that tackle your tooth realignment accurately and effectively.

He will use a soft mouthpiece that you will bite and leave your tooth impressions on it. After that, the dentist will now schedule another appointment once the braces are already designed and ready to place.


Clean teeth

Before the orthodontist can start on your teeth, they must first be cleaned entirely. If you hadn’t brushed our teeth before the procedure, the dentist would use a polishing paste on them so that the fitting process is not compromised by plaque. However, dentists recommend that you clean your teeth before any dental procedure in order to speed things along.

Fitting the braces

Depending on your preference, the dentist will use a specific type of braces Westwood that is most suitable for your dental structure. There are braces that are ideal for children, and there are those that are ideal for adults.

Most of the time, adults request for braces that are barely visible so that they don’t interfere with their general image. Such braces are usually bonded at the back of the teeth making them less likely to be seen.

For children, they can get braces Westwood that are bonded from the front of the teeth and can be designed with a certain color. This makes them fun to look at and interesting for the child. The procedure usually has minimal pain, and if necessary, the dentist may induce general anesthesia to make you unconscious during the procedure.

What to expect after the procedure?

Braces may leave your gums a bit sore after the procedure. You can request for pain-relieving medication from the dentist to reduce pain for the first and second day after the procedure.

You should also inquire from your dentist about the best way to take care of your braces so that they do not break. Visit Cosmetic Dental of Westwood and enjoy a great treatment experience.

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