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The state of one’s teeth has a massive influence on their self-esteem. Crooked and cracked teeth will ruin a great smile, and that is why the Cosmetic Dental of Westwood offers an array of solutions for cosmetic dental care. Working with the best proven dental technology available under professional and caring staff, patients in Los Angeles are promised an amazing and fulfilling experience. Services that our cosmetic dentist Los Angeles offers are individual-based, with each patient getting personal attention to give them the specific dental need required. Therefore during the first visit to the dental office, the dentist examines the nature of the patient’s problem and recommends the perfect treatment for the desired effect. Below are a few of the popular services available for the patients.

Teeth Whitening

As the name suggests, teeth whitening is the procedure to return the teeth to their natural white color. Stained and discolored teeth can cause major discomfort due to insecurities in appearance and especially the functionality in smiling and talking.

Using bleaching agents this condition can be treated and return the patient to their usual smile and calm. We offer both in-office teeth whitening procedures where laser technology is used to whiten teeth at the clinic and at-home procedures where the patient carries bleaches to use at home.


These are water-thin coatings that are fitted over the front teeth. They could be recommended for various dental needs such as discolored and stained teeth, unevenly spaced teeth or chipped crowns.

After the dentist has examined the extent of damage on the front teeth and recommended veneers, they take the shape of the patient’s teeth and prepare custom made veneers to return the teeth to their proper functionality.


Crooked teeth go a long way into making crooked smiles. Our cosmetic dentist Los Angeles has the solution for cracked, crooked and chipped teeth in contours and reshaping procedures.  With adequate dental equipment and technology, the reshaping procedure is easily achievable. The patient does not need to worry over pain during the process as modern aesthetics applied to ensure that pain is minimal. Plus the procedure is conducted in a single visit thus restoring the patients to their perfect smile in no time.


Gaps in the teeth can also cause discomfort in one’s mouth. Using a bonding procedure, these gaps are easily filled, restoring the teeth to their standard functionality. The procedure is not very complicated, and the dentist can achieve it in one or two visits. After the dentist has examined the nature of the teeth and gum, they prepare material made from tooth-colored porcelain. The procedure almost wholly hides the gap as the white tooth color makes it impossible to differentiate between the bonding and the tooth.


Cosmetic Dentist Los Angeles has the latest cosmetic braces for the patients that would prefer them. Braces have been around for quite some time now, and with the advancement, in cosmetic dentistry, many types and designs have been created all to solve individual patient dental needs. After the dentist has examined the nature of the patient’s mouth and recommended braces for the patient, custom designs are made in the lab to fit the patient. Their effect is realized in a few months, and the patient’s teeth alignment is corrected permanently.

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