Root canal treatment is a commonly applied procedure in the treatment of decayed teeth. It is usually recommended for teeth that are aching and possibly infected. Root canal Westwood is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of bacteria from the root of the tooth. In root canal therapy, the infection is usually contained inside the root chamber better known as the root canal. The root canal is the home to the nerves and root pulp which nourishes the tooth. The infection usually affects the pulp depleting the tissues and making the tooth ineffective. Since the nerves are located here, a root canal infection can be very painful and may necessitate tooth removal in some cases. For the best root canal treatment in the city, you can depend on Cosmetic dental of Westwood. They offer top-notch treatment for any dental condition.

The procedure of undertaking root canal

Root canal treatment is a simple procedure that takes shorter than most dental treatments. On average, root canal Westwood takes 1 to 3 dental sessions for the treatment to be fully complete. However, if you are getting a root canal for some teeth, it may take longer than three sessions to finish. The first step in root canal therapy is cleaning the root canal.

Cleaning the root canal

This dental procedure is usually done under local anesthesia for the pain to be numbed completely. The dentist first drills a tiny hole into the root of the tooth. This is intended to gain access to the pulp and remove all harmful bacteria. Using dental equipment, the dentist removes all the material from the pulp of the tooth until there is nothing left. Since the pulp is infected and depleted, it can no longer nourish the tooth making it useless.

Filling the root canal

The dentist then fills the root canal to avoid any more bacteria entry into the root. The dentist uses special equipment to clean and decontaminate the root canal and make it as clean as possible. He then covers the tooth with a special paste and uses dental cement to make sure the paste does not come off. If any of the bacteria is left inside the tooth, it may spread further and cause dental problems later on. After filling the root, the tooth no longer functions as a healthy tooth since the pulp no longer nourishes it. Although the root canal Westwood eliminates pain from the tooth, it may require more treatment for the tooth to be operational again.

Putting a dental crown

Since the tooth is weak and brittle due to lack of nourishment, it is best that the patient does not use the tooth for chewing until a solution is found. A crown is usually recommended because it covers the whole enamel part of the tooth protecting it from damage and trauma. Alternatively, the patient can get dental fillings to reinforce the tooth and make it stronger even without nourishment. After getting a crown or dental filling, you can now chew freely with your new tooth. You can consult Cosmetic dental of Westwood to know more about root canal therapy.

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