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Cosmetic Dental Westwood is a board-certified dental practice with some of our offices in Los Angeles. We provide an array of services to our patients, as we strive to ensure your oral health remains at its optimum.

Whether you are in need of general dental procedures to restore the functionality of your teeth or a cosmetic procedure that will enhance your appearance by improving your smile, we are a safe haven for you. We have a caring staff that is always ready to listen to any dental concern that you may have and provide you with the best dentist Westwood experience.


Most people dread the idea of having any of their natural teeth removed. This is because most people associate teeth extractions with pain and discomfort. However, there are some instances where extractions are the only solution to dental complications.

This is mostly the case when it comes to cases of impacted wisdom teeth and badly damaged teeth due to decay. Cosmetic Dental of Westwood takes a number of measures to ensure that an extraction procedure is not as stressing as you would assume. Before beginning the procedure, you are administered with modern anesthesia which numbs you and ensures you do not experience pain and you are comfortable during the operation.

Teeth Whitening

Stained and discolored teeth are common and an unavoidable occurrence. This is due to the foods and drinks we have in the course of our everyday lives. However, with our new and advanced laser technology, we are able to get rid of stubborn stains in just a matter of one hour.

That means that you can hop into our clinic over your lunch hour and by the time you get back to the office, you’ll have a gleaming white smile to surprise your colleagues and peers. Apart from the laser whitening procedure, we also offer bleaches and whiteners which you can purchase at our stores for your own home treatment. With bleaches, you’ll be able to achieve similar effects with the laser treatment, only that it will take a bit longer for the desired results to be achieved fully, about 2-3 weeks.


Veneers are fine strips that are placed on the front surface of teeth, and they help in solving issues with the appearance of your teeth. That is, they are able to improve your smile by taking care of the complications that may have been affecting how your teeth look. Such conditions could be stains on the teeth, misalignments, and fractured or broken crowns. The veneers are designed to look like the teeth, and once they are placed over the teeth, they appear like part of the crown thus enhancing your appearance.

Deep Teeth Cleanings

We recommend patients to make it a habit to visit the dentist regularly in order to get the best dentist Westwood experience. We offer deep teeth cleanings that are meant to keep your oral health at its optimum. It is not always possible to remove all the impurities from the teeth by brushing or flossing. As such, our deep cleanings employ equipment that is able to reach and thoroughly clean those hard to reach part, thus reducing the risk of infection.

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