Veneers are linings that are put over a tooth to give it protection from external damage especially the enamel.  We, at the Cosmetic Dental of Westwood, are one of the best, if not the best practice in LA offering the best veneers Los Angeles has to offer. This is with no doubt because we have the most experienced and qualified dentists who strive from day to day to ensure our patients maintain that ever blazing smile. Veneers are usually of two types depending on the client’s choice. There are removable and permanent veneers.

Procedure for Veneer installation

Veneers usually solve issues of teeth discoloring, teeth misalignment, crowded teeth as well as gaps in between teeth. The Cosmetic Dental of Westwood also recommends the procedure to patients with receding gum issues who tend to get black triangles on their teeth which cause unnecessary attention. After the diagnosis of the above signs on a patients teeth, our most esteemed veneers Los Angeles dentists will commence the procedure which involves the application of anesthesia to ease the pain during the placement. However, some patients may require that their teeth be slightly reduced in size for perfect fitting.


All our veneers are produced at our LA clinic. Clients are therefore ensured that they can not miss out on this experience plus there is ensured sanitization of the same. The veneers produced vary in size and quality so that we can provide all our patients with a better option depending on the depth of your pocket.

 Procedure duration

Installation of veneers is a minor procedure that could take only a few minutes. Clients who are tightly under a work schedule can make an appointment with us at any time since our team has dentists working on a twenty-four-hour basis. Each with a daytime or night shift. The dentists prepare a 3D representation of your dental formula and using the computer the veneers are easily developed. The entire process can take as little as 2 hours after which you leave our dental clinics with your brand new look. Our dentists are caring and always consults with the patient to handle their specific dental concerns.


Normally installation of veneers is usually a one-time session. However, some patients may have some complications like been allergic to the porcelain material used in the production of veneers. Any patient who experiences such a problem is urged to return to the cosmetic dental of Los Angeles for further checkup or replacement of the veneers with a crown. This is usually a very rare occurrence; therefore clients are advised not to be alarmed.


Do you have a loved who is shy of laughing out loud because of discolored teeth? Did your young son trip over when playing and chipped his tooth? Worry no more the Cosmetic Dental of Westwood family is more than happy to welcome you and have that situation changed in a bit because we care about your happiness.

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