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When you visit an Orthodontist Westwood, you will be assured of getting a beautiful smile with straight teeth. However, such benefits will go beyond just having a good smile since he will help you in improving the overall oral health.

Orthodontics is a type of dentistry which deals with any problem that affects the jawbone and teeth position.  Besides affecting the appearance, crooked teeth may also make it hard to clean, and this may lead to tooth and gum disease.  When you have a misplaced jawbone, it may lead to headaches, back pain, and shoulder neck. If you have a misplaced jawbone, it may lead to back, neck, and shoulder and headaches pain.

Problems that can be addressed by an orthodontist

The general dentist may ask you to see the orthodontist if she had to deal with tooth and jaw problem.

You may find seven conditions that will require you to visit the orthodontic treatment.

  • Buckteeth and overbite is when the upper teeth end up sticking out  on the lower teeth
  • Crossbite is if you have the upper teeth which refuse to meet with the lower teeth adequately.
  • Underbite if the lower teeth are pushing over an upper teeth
  • Open bite is when the side teeth and front teeth do not meet in the right way
  • Misplaced midline is when the center of upper front teeth is not into the best position while the center at the lower front teeth.
  • The spacing of the spaces and gaps between teeth
  • Crowding is when you have many teeth, and the mouth is not able to accommodate it.


If you need the procedure, then you will have different options to choose from.  The orthodontist may decide to use the removable or fixed appliance to solve the problem. The following are some of the tools to use.

Fixed appliances

Braces:  they are lighter and smaller, and they are now using no metal compared with the ones used before.   They require enough time to put the teeth in their places.  This may be a few months to years, depending on how severe the problem is.

The particular fixed appliance may be used in helping to control tongue thrusting and thumb sucking.

Removable appliances to use are:

Clear plastic aligners which are called Invisalign which are now becoming even more popular in Orlando.  They have become the choice for different people. They do move the teeth as it happens with the traditional braces. However, they do not require brackets or wires. They are not visible, and they may be removed whenever it needs to floss or to brush.

Headgear: they are the straps that are placed at the back of, and they are attached over a metal wire before the front. This will slow down the growth of an upper jaw, and it will hold the back of the teeth where they should be.  They can pull back the front teeth.

You will find that the Orthodontist Westwood can address different issues. You can learn about them by visiting the one near you.

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