Services offered in Periodontology

Periodontal infections like gum disease can be very damaging to your dental health. People with unhealthy gums can end up getting other dental complications like bleeding gums if they do not seek dental treatment. Periodontic dentistry involves various dental procedures that are aimed at reducing the risk of dental health and treating existing dental issues.

This means that a periodontist Westwood has to have dental training in different areas of dentistry in order to provide overall and holistic services. At Cosmetic Dental of Westwood, you can get a large number of dental treatments that are suited for your dental issue. They have specialized dental professionals who have all the right tools to address your dental issue. When visiting a periodontist, you should know that there are various treatments that you can get one of them is scaling.


Scaling is a tooth cleaning procedure which is done to remove the outer layer of stain and plaque covering the enamel of the tooth. For most people, scaling is all they need to improve the condition of their teeth. Unlike other invasive procedures, scaling does not involve strong corrosive whitening agents for cleaning your teeth. The dentist normally uses ordinary dental equipment to make the tooth whiter and more functional.

Scaling can be done either alone or alongside other treatment. When done alongside other treatment, it is usually performed to reduce the risk of dental health in overall treatment.

Gum graft surgery

Gum graft surgery is a periodontic procedure that involves removing some of the mouth tissues and placing them on the gum. This procedure is usually recommended for people with receded gums. A gum graft surgery is a very simple procedure and is usually over within a single dental session. However, during treatment, the dentist normally uses general anesthesia in order to reduce pain. A gum graft can either be done by an oral surgeon or a periodontist Westwood. VisitCosmetic Dental of Westwood today and get the best kind of periodontic treatment.

Dental implants

Fitting dental implants has a lot to do with the health of the gums. If the gums are infected or weak, the dentist will first have to treat them before continuing with the dental implant surgery. For dental implants, they can either be fitted by an oral surgeon or a periodontist. Since the dental implant is usually drilled into the jawbone through the gum, a skilled dental professional is the one who is qualified to perform the procedure.

Cosmetic procedures

A periodontist Westwood can also offer cosmetic dental services. One of the most ordinary cosmetic procedures in Periodontology is crown lengthening. Most people come for crown lengthening in order to improve their smile and also make their teeth more appealing. A periodontist lengthens the tooth’s crown by reducing the amount of gum at the base of the tooth. The dentist removes a significant amount of gum for the tooth to appear longer. This procedure may involve the use of laser technology in reducing the gum at the base of the tooth.

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