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Orthodontics simply refer to the procedures that are involved in the correction of the positioning of the jaw and teeth alignment. Orthodontics is the solutions for the issues you may have with your expression and esteem due to crooked and non-appealing teeth structure.

Cosmetic dental of Westwood is a board-certified practice offering quality orthodontic treatments for all ages. We are equipped with the latest technology and procedures to restore that desired smile on your face. If you are in need of an orthodontist Westwood experience, visit us today and let us handle your dental woes.

Who needs Orthodontics?

Do you think you are a candidate for orthodontics? Some signs and symptoms would put you in this category of patients. The most common cases needing orthodontic procedures are issues with your bite.

These could be an overbite, where the front teeth protrude over the other teeth, or an underbite, where the lower teeth are too forward. Other issues with the bite such as crossbites and open bites also need also require the expertise of an orthodontist.  Other common conditions are a misplaced midline, gaps, and spaces between the teeth, and also crowding of the teeth where the dental ride can’t support all the teeth.

Treatments Offered

There are some treatment options that our orthodontist Westwood offers to their patients. We offer both fixed appliances for orthodontic treatments as well as removable ones. Depending on the severity of your case, our dentist will recommend the best procedure to work for you. The fixed appliances that we offer are braces, specially fixed appliances, and fixed space maintainers.

The braces we have are for all ages, and we also provide both clear and metallic braces. The specially fixed appliances are fixed to the teeth by bands, and they help in solving issues of thumb sucking and tongue thrusting. The fixed space maintainers are an option for young kids. These are installed on the empty sockets that may occur when your child loses their teeth prematurely, and they help keep the socket open as the child awaits the growth of other teeth.

The other orthodontic appliances we offer at our Cosmetic Dental of Westwood are the removable appliances, and we have quite a number of options. They include but are not limited to, aligners, removable space maintainers, lip and cheek bumpers, palatal expander, removable retainers, and headgears to help pull the teeth back.

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