Westwood is one of the regions that has the best cosmetic dentists. These dentists are interested in improving the looks and appearance of the patient through dentistry procedures. Westwood has a good reputation in the provision of cosmetic dentistry services. Do you want to improve your overall look through dentistry procedures? Ensure that you get the best cosmetic dentist in Westwood to give you the right dental makeover. One of the ways of choosing the best cosmetic dentist is by looking at their history. Therefore, the history of Westwood cosmetic dentist is the best guide to know if you will get satisfied with the services offered. The following are some of the best cosmetic dentists in Westwood and their history in dentistry.

Dr. Shakibkhoo’s cosmetic dentistry history

Dr.  Shakibkhoo is one of the best cosmetic dentists in Westwood. She is based at the cosmetic dental of Westwood dental center. She has a rich educational background in the field of cosmetic dentistry. She began her studies at UCLA, where she majored in psychobiology. She later moved to the university of southern California, where she earned her degree in dental hygiene and doctorate in dental surgery. This dentist has gained various skills and experience in the following dentistry procedures. She specializes in fixing veneers, fillings with porcelain, complete smile makeover, Invisalign, laser dentistry and implant restorations. She has a rich history of Westwood cosmetic dentistry, as she has offered the best services in the area.


Dr. Behroozi’s cosmetic dentistry history

Dr. Behroozi is also the best female dentist who is highly specialized in both cosmetic dentistry procedures and restorative dentistry. The history of her interest in the dental field begun when she has started her studies at California state university. At the university, she studied biology, which she graduated in the year 1994. After earning her degree, she furthered her studies at the university of southern California. At the institution, she studied dental surgery and graduated with her doctorate degree in the year 1998. She is now based at the cosmetic dental of Westwood, where she offers various dentistry services. She does dental procedures that follow; laser dentistry, veneers, implant restoration, Invisalign and porcelain fillings. She has a good history of Westwood dentistry.

The above dentists are the few of the well-known cosmetic dentists in Westwood who have made Westwood known for the best cosmetic dentistry procedures.

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