Everyone desires those white teeth that result in great admirable smiles. Stains in the teeth, may they be as a result of foods or drinks taken, or even due to issues of hygiene are undesirable, and they affect the way you relate with others.

Stained and discolored teeth can go a long way in killing your self-esteem, and that is why we, the cosmetic dental of Westwood, are dedicated to bringing back your white teeth and restoring your smile and esteem. We are the practice to look for if you are in need of any teeth whitening Westwood procedures.

Drugstore Teeth Whiteners vs. In-Office Treatments

We provide an array of whitening options for our patients, including the advanced in-office whitening procedures that are effectual in a single session as well as over the counter bleaches and whiteners for self-administering. Drugstore bleaches are the more affordable option, and many patients opt for them as they can use them at home for long and monitor their gradual transmission. However, we recommend in-office treatments to patients for a number of reasons. For one, over the counter whiteners are not as effective.

Also, since they have to be applied and reapplied continuously since the effect is achieved, they cause teeth sensitivity which causes the patient much discomfort. Our in-office teeth whitening Westwood procedure also provides longer lasting effects giving you that amazing smile for long.

Safety of Teeth Whitening

Some people become overly conscious of the safety of teeth whitening procedures. The dentists at the cosmetic dental of Westwood use the safest and most advanced technology so you can be confident about the procedure.

Patients with overly sensitive teeth often report teeth sensitivity after the procedure, but this shouldn’t worry you as it wears away soon. Our dentist will also first examine you and take you through any concerns you may have before treatment begins.

What if I have Crowns and Bridges?

The issue of crowns and bridges is yet another concern that many patients have before embarking on the teeth whitening treatment. You should know that people with artificial crowns and bridges also benefit from our teeth whitening Westwood procedures.

However, you should note that the dentures may not respond to the whitening treatments in the way that natural teeth would. The adhesives used on the dentures may also wear off during the whitening procedure. The dentists at the cosmetic dental of Westwood will examine each case and will be able to tell you how your teeth will respond to treatment.

Alternatives to Teeth Whitening

Yes, there are alternatives to teeth whitening procedures. Dental veneers are the most preferred alternatives to teeth whitening procedures. Our Westwood dentist may recommend veneers to patients whose teeth have discolored to the point of no reversal.

The veneers are effective as they are worn over the non-pleasant stained teeth, showing a more appealing white color. Visit our Westwood offices today and leave your teeth whitening concerns to us. We will restore that smile on your face as you go home showing off your new white color.

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