Oral surgery is a growing field in dentistry. Today, there are various ways of performing easier and faster oral surgery that does not involve tedious procedures. For oral surgery, not every dentist can perform it. It usually requires the expertise of a skilled orthodontist or oral surgeon Westwood. This is because these professionals have additional training in dental surgery making them the ideal specialist visit for oral surgery.

Cosmetic Dental of Westwood offers some of the best dental treatment when it comes to oral surgery. Whether the condition is bone-related or a simple case of tissue infection, you can rely on them for fast and easy dental care. One of the most common dental conditions they treat is TMJ disorder.

Treatment of a TMJ disorder

A TMJ disorder is a dental issue which is caused by an injury to the temporomandibular joint. This joint is usually located at the end of the jaws and allows for movement of the jaws. Once the joint is damaged, it begins to ache and may cause the jaw to stop moving normally. In such a case, it is always best to visit an oral surgeon Westwood immediately to get dental treatment. The oral surgeon will perform an open joint surgery to assess the cause of the problem and repair any visible issues. The dentist may also recommend pain relievers after the procedure to facilitate easier healing.

Cleft repair

Some people are usually born with a lip cleft or palate cleft. This is a birth defect that basically interferes with one’s general appearance. A lip cleft usually occurs when the upper lip is partially fused with the bridge of the nose. A palate cleft, on the other hand, occurs at the roof of the mouth where it does not develop fully leaving a small opening. Treatment for these issues can be done in just a single day through oral surgery. Visit Cosmetic Dental of Westwood today and get top-notch dental services.

Surgical tooth extraction

Removal of wisdom teeth and impacted teeth is usually done by an oral surgeon. This is because it involves much more than the regular uprooting of a tooth. For impacted teeth, the oral surgeon Westwood has to cut out the gum tissue surrounding the tooth in order to reach the base of the tooth. If the base is still not in reach, the dentist will have to cut out some of the jaw bone surrounding the tooth in order to remove the tooth normally. The procedure may be quite long and usually requires the use of local anesthesia to reduce discomfort and pain.

Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is a dental surgery procedure done to improve tooth functionality while eliminating decay from the root of the tooth. Once tooth decay extends to the root of the tooth, it becomes a big problem since it starts aching and deteriorating the tooth.

Visit an oral surgeon Westwood for root canal therapy that will leave your tooth painless and still useful despite having been infected previously.

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