Orthodontic treatment is essential dental health. You may find some people living with crooked teeth but are unconcerned about it. What they do not know is that some bone formation conditions in oral health can lead to further dental complications that can be painful and uncomfortable. For instance, misaligned jaws can lead to a temporomandibular disorder which can prevent you from chewing due to excess pain. Bone-related dental issues are best treated by an orthodontist Westwood. For the best orthodontic services in the city, you can rely on Cosmetic Dental of Westwood.

They have some of the best oral surgeons and orthodontists available regionally. Below are some of the most common dental treatments offered in orthodontic treatment.

Treating crowded teeth

Crowded teeth occur when the teeth are squeezed because the dental structure is not large enough to house all the teeth.

This condition is usually caused by the growth of wisdom teeth which in turn push adjacent teeth due to their large size. For such dental conditions, an orthodontist Westwood usually applies surgical tooth extraction. Since the wisdom tooth is located at the back of the dental structure, it may be hard to remove.

Furthermore, you may find that the wisdom tooth is impacted meaning it hasn’t yet propped out of the gum fully. In such a case, the orthodontist first gives the patient anesthesia to numb the pain. He then cuts part of the gum and jawbone to fully access the tooth and remove it. After that, the orthodontist may recommend aligners or braces to return teeth back to their original position.

Fitting braces

Orthodontists normally offer braces for realigning the position of teeth. Braces are recommended for people with gaps between teeth, crowded teeth, and uneven biting. When fitting braces, an orthodontist first takes an oral impression of your teeth which he presents to the dental lab. The impression is used to design braces that will suitably return teeth to their original position.

Braces are quite convenient since they don’t move around but instead are static and firm. You can consult Cosmetic Dental of Westwood to know whether braces are the best option for your dental issue.

Jaw repositioning appliances

Some people usually have an issue with jaw movement. Instead of the jaws meeting evenly as they bite, the upper jaw either closes in front or behind the lower jaw. This dental condition can cause pain and discomfort if it affects the TMJ. To correct this disorder, the orthodontist uses jaw repositioning appliances. These dental appliances are placed on either jaw and are used to help the individual in biting evenly. The orthodontist declares how long it should be worn for the treatment to be most efficient.

Especially fixed appliances

These are appliances used in pediatric dentistry to prevent children from sucking their thumb or thrusting their tongue.

This appliance is usually placed inside the mouth held in place by the teeth. However, this dental treatment is usually very uncomfortable, and dentists recommend that it be used as a last resort for treatment.

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