Oral surgeon Westwood

When you visit the Oral surgeon Westwood, he may help you to save your smile since he will address any dental defects you may be suffering from or any other diseases. If you are thinking to visit an oral surgeon near you, you should know more about what he does.

Oral surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is the name given to the cosmetic or surgical procedure which is used to restore or to repair the problem found in a mouth, neck, jaw, and facial structure.   The standard oral surgery will involve the cosmetic procedure like the reconstruction of the face because of an accident or an elective procedure meant to improve with appearance only. Some processes may be used to treat any problem that affects the dental function.

  The procedures that you should expect from a dental specialist

An oral surgeon is a specialized dentist capable of doing oral surgery. In case you suffer any dental problem which requires to have skilled care, then a dentist will refer you to the oral surgeon so that you can have specialized care. You can still have an affordable dentist, so you should not worry about the prices.  The oral surgeon will perform a number of the procedures such as

  • Extracting the impacted or  damaged teeth
  • Performing an elective cosmetic surgery on the neck, jaw, and face
  • Reconstructing the faces that have been damaged by an injury or disease.
  • Removing the tumors in the facial or oral area
  • Reducing of jaw pain
  • Restoring the jaw using bone grafts
  • Fixing any poor jaw alignment
  • Correcting the cleft palates.
  • replacing the missing teeth using dental implants

Dental implants

Even if there is an improvement in dental care, there are many people who still suffer tooth loss, and this is because of injury and periodontal diseases. Now the oral surgeon can help with tooth implants to deal with tooth loss.

The dental implant is the replacement of the tooth, including its roots. The implants offer a strong foundation to use by adding permanent teeth compared to removable teeth, which are made to match the natural teeth.  With dental implants, you will enjoy a better appearance and improved speech. Since the dental implants became a part of other teeth, it leads to better comfort.  It also makes it easy to eat compared to removable options.

Qualification of an oral surgeon

Oral surgeon Westwood should take many years in the training to be called the skilled surgeon and to be able to work on the maxillofacial and oral problem.  Education requires

  • Four years in dental school where they learn about general dentistry
  • Four years in the hospital-based residency program where they train together with emergency physicians, general surgeon, and anesthesiologists.
  • Optional two years while training in MD and OMS program to get a medical degree
  • Fellowship program needed in earning additional training in the advanced oral surgical procedure
  • Continued education to know new surgical techniques and surgical treatment
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