Veneers are small porcelain dental pieces that are widely used in cosmetic dentistry. Getting veneers Los Angeles may be the ideal tooth enhancement procedure for you. At Cosmetic Dental of Westwood, you can get dental veneers in just a single day.

Depending on the choice of veneers you choose, the dentist will help place your veneers without a hassle. Getting veneers can be quite an advantage as opposed to other dental treatments.

Procedure for fitting veneers

Getting veneers is quite simple. Most of the time, the dentist may not use sedative medication since the procedure is not invasive in any way. Veneers Los Angeles are normally placed on the surface of the tooth to conceal the tooth of any discolored shade. Before the dentist places the veneer, he has to prepare the tooth by etching the surface. Once the tooth is etched, it becomes easier to adhere to the ceramic veneer. The dentist then places the veneer on the tooth and sticks it to the tooth enamel using dental cement. The veneer is then left for some time to harden making it permanently stuck onto the tooth.

Fitting in-between teeth

Veneers Los Angeles can also be used to cover spaces left by gaps in teeth. Normally, one would visit an orthodontist to get gaps on their teeth eliminated which is very costly. Veneers can be easily used to cover such gaps making your smile look much more attractive. For this procedure, the dentist simply designs small veneers that can fit the gap between the teeth. Once molded, the veneer is placed on the gap and stuck on the adjacent teeth using special dental cement. After that, the dentist shades the tooth to match the color of adjacent teeth so that no one notices that you have veneers on.

Benefits of dental veneers

Dental veneers are quite easy to fit as compared to other methods of tooth enhancement. One of the benefits of dental veneers is their low recovery time. Most of the time, veneer patients usually go back today to day tasks the next day after getting their veneers fitted. This is because the procedure has little to no soreness or pain. Veneers are also quite slim making them almost invisible to everyone else. People don’t realize that you have veneers Los Angeles on until you tell them. Also, veneers come in various types. Depending on your preference and expected budget for treatment, the dentist can help you select the most ideal dental veneers.

Maintenance for veneers

While veneers may be stain resistant, it is always good to prevent them from getting damaged or tainted by various foods and drinks. Without proper care, your veneers may begin discoloring making them useless for you. Veneer repair can be quite expensive given that the veneer is meant to stick permanently to the tooth. Veneers should be well brushed and floss regularly to ensure that they are healthy and strong. Dentists advise against chewing on hard objects with your veneers since it may cause them to break or chip.

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