Tooth removal is a common dentistry procedure performed in various dental clinics. Most of the time, tooth removal Westwood is done by a general dentist for both children and adults. In rare circumstances, tooth removal is done only by an oral surgeon since it may entail surgical expertise. Tooth removal is a very convenient form of dental treatment since it completely eliminates the problem.

Instead of using a lot of time and money in treating a tooth illness, you can simply opt for tooth removal which is easier and faster. One of the best dental offices in general dentistry is Cosmetic dental of Westwood. They offer various forms of dental treatment that will most likely suit your dental issue.

Reasons for tooth removal

Tooth removal is recommended for a variety of dental treatments. Due to the ease of removal as compared to other tedious forms of treatment, tooth removal Westwood is one of the most convenient methods of dental treatment. One of the main reasons for the removal of teeth is excessive tooth decay. If tooth decay has spread so widely that it makes the tooth ineffective, the dentist usually recommends tooth removal. Crowded teeth may also need tooth removal for the teeth to become better aligned.

By removing one or two teeth, the dentist can use aligners or braces to realign the other teeth and treat the crowded teeth issue. Impacted teeth are also a common cause of teeth removal. These are teeth that grow at the back of the mouth and do not fully emerge from the gum line. They are usually removed if they start causing user pain and discomfort.

Different ways in which tooth removal is done

Tooth removal Westwood can be attempted in two different ways. The first way is simple extraction. This type of tooth removal can be done by any dentist regardless of their specification. In this type of extraction, the tooth is usually fully visible, and all the dentist has to do is shake the tooth from its position and pull it out using dental forceps. The other type of tooth removal Westwood is surgical removal. Surgical removal is usually attempted by an oral surgeon or an orthodontist.

Here, the dentist has to remove a tooth that is not entirely visible. For this procedure, the dentist uses local anesthesia to numb any pain experienced. The oral surgeon usually has to cut through bone and gum tissue to fully expose the tooth and then extract it.

Precautions to take after getting a tooth removed

After going for tooth extraction, you should be careful not to injure the site of removal. After removal, a blood clot usually forms to cover the wound. You should try at all costs not to remove the blood clot either when brushing or eating. Harmful bacteria can easily enter this area and access the bloodstream where it can cause infection.

Any pain and irritation should be reported to the dentist for pain relief. You can consult Cosmetic dental of Westwood for the best teeth removal service.

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