Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that is used to remove stains from the tooth enamel. In most dental cosmetic treatments, teeth whitening is usually incorporated to improve the look of the smile. Teeth whitening Westwood can either be done at home or in the dental office. Depending on the extent of discoloration on the teeth, the cosmetic dentist will know which method will be most appropriate.

However, there isn’t a one-time treatment for teeth whitening; it has to be done again if you want to maintain the shade of your whitened teeth. For the best teeth whitening services in the city, you can rely on Cosmetic dental of Westwood. They have competent cosmetic dentists who can address any of your cosmetic dental issues.

When is teeth whitening necessary?

Teeth whitening Westwood is commonly applied to rid teeth of nasty stains. The enamel of the tooth is usually prone to staining because of the tiny pores that allow the collection of materials and particles.

Causes of tooth staining include smoking and drinking certain beverages such as cola, coffee, and red wine. Poor oral hygiene like failing to brush teeth daily can also lead to staining of teeth. Every day, the enamel on each tooth gets a new layer of stain from food and beverages. If the individual does not brush, these stains make the teeth darker which then requires teeth whitening.

For intrinsic teeth stains that are ingrained to the enamel due to chemical intake like fluoride during childhood, teeth whitening is not recommended. Instead, you can request for teeth bleaching services from your cosmetic dentist.

Possible risks of teeth whitening

Your dentist will take you through any complications that you are likely to experience after getting teeth whitening done. Most of the time, teeth whitening Westwood does not cause any after effects that are uncomfortable to the user. However, some people’s teeth are different therefore causing some complications.

For one, you may experience mild gum irritation after the procedure. This is not usually a big problem and can be eased with painkillers.

Tooth sensitivity can also be a problem for people who have previously had sensitive teeth. After some days, however, the sensitivity will reduce to the normal level. Pregnant mothers are discouraged from getting their teeth whitened since the medication given may affect the fetus.

If you feel any irritation or pain after getting teeth whitened, visit the dentist immediately to treat the problem.

Maintenance of teeth after teeth whitening

Teeth whitening Westwood is a progressive procedure that is repeated once in a while. Even after teeth whitening, teeth will still become discolored if they are not well cleaned.

With proper oral hygiene, your whitened teeth can maintain their shade for more than a year. If not, poor oral hygiene practices can stain the new shade in less than a month.

It is needed to brush and floss regularly after getting your teeth whitened to maintain their shade. You can consult Cosmetic dental of Westwood to know more about how you should preserve your teeth after teeth whitening.

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