Dr. Shakibkhoo is best dentist Westwood who specializes in cosmetic dentistry at the cosmetic dental of Westwood. She has a good education background in dental studies. She studied psychobiology at UCLA and later graduated with dual dental hygiene and doctor of dental surgery degree at the university of southern California. Currently, she specializes in cosmetic dentistry. She as well a member of American Academy of cosmetic dentistry and she has also taught at USC. She is dedicated to providing personalized dental care as she aims at creating a perfect smile makeover for every client. The following are some of the cosmetic services that she offers at the clinic.


Cosmetic dentistry aims at creating perfect teeth characteristics that will, in turn, create the best overall appearance. Invisalign are modern dental materials that are used to align crocked teeth. In order to achieve a well-aligned set of teeth, it will take a perfect dentist to design the best Invisalign for individual clients. This dentist Westwood has helped several clients to achieve good teeth positioning through the use of Invisalign.


Veneers are used when other dental procedures have failed to provide a good overall appearance. Veneers are made of shell-like material. Porcelain material has been commonly used to make the veneers. Veneers have been used where teeth whitening procedure is not successful. It has also been used to lengthen short teeth. Moreover, it has been used to restore chipped or even cracked teeth. This dentist Westwood utilizes the use of veneers to create a perfect smile for her clients. If you have any of the poor teeth characteristics, she can restore them in a single visit.

Laser dentistry

Dr. Shakibkhoo uses laser dentistry to achieve the perfect smile in her clients. Laser dentistry is a more comfortable way of performing dental procedures. She uses lasers to whiten stained teeth. Lasers are capable of cleaning even the hard stains which bleaching agents cannot clean. She is interested in ensuring that her clients receive a perfect dental treatment in a more comfortable and painless way.


Implants are used to replace lost teeth. The implants have been used by this dentist to create a perfect smile in her clients. Implants are permanent, once they are fitted, you will not have to make another visit. She is a dentist Westwood who has helped restored good appearance in her clients through this dental procedure.

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