Westwood dental practice offers the best veneers that will give the best Hollywood smile. The veneers Westwood are made of eggshell-thin, porcelain material which is bonded directly onto your tooth surface. Veneers are sued to correct several teeth imperfection such as teeth discoloring. At this dental clinic, you will get the best veneers that will transform positively your smile. The following are the details that you should know about the porcelain veneers.

Types of veneers

Veneers are available in different types. There are two main types. There are composite veneers and porcelain veneers. Composite veneers are made and applied directly onto the teeth. The porcelain veneers that are majorly used are designed in the laboratory. Once they are designed, they are then bonded onto the surface of the teeth. It, therefore, requires one to make two visits, the first is the one that will involve veneer preparation and the second one is one that will involve the cementing of the veneer onto the tooth. At the dental center, you will get to choose the type of veneers Westwood for your teeth restoration.

Benefits of dental veneers

The general benefit of veneers is that one’s overall appearance will be improved once they are fitted.  Specifically, either porcelain or composite veneers provide one with a perfectly natural tooth-like appearance. Therefore, it will be hard for one to tell the difference between your natural teeth and the veneers. Moreover, you can use the porcelain veneers to make the teeth whiter. Therefore, they are the perfect solution for stained teeth. Whiter and brighter teeth give one a perfect smile and best overall look. Veneers provide a better alternative to teeth shaping and sizing. The use of veneers to shape the teeth does not involve a prior procedure, it is simple and painless. The porcelain material that is used to make the veneers is stainless. Therefore, you will be able to maintain a brighter smile for a long period of time. Additionally, the veneers are long-lasting and durable. The veneers Westwood will ensure that you get the perfect appearance that you have always wished to have.

Proper veneer maintenance

Maintaining veneers is very simple. Once you have fixed the cosmetic dentistry issue with the use of veneers, all you have to do is to maintain it.  Normal proper oral hygiene is very important for veneers. Oral hygiene here involves regular brushing and flossing. You will also be required to change the type of toothpaste to use. Normally, the dentist will advise you on the right kind of toothpaste to use when brushing. Also, avoid those foods that might end up staining your natural teeth. Once your natural teeth are stained, it can create a visible difference between the natural teeth and the veneers. To ensure that your veneers last longer, ensure that you visit the dentist regularly. You should also avoid some bad habits such as smoking cigarettes. Your dentist at Westwood dental practice will give you a full guideline on how to care for your veneers in order to maintain the perfect overall appearance.




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